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Gobio Robot proposes four solutions to improve the working conditions within companies. The Augmented Man with exoskeletons, the Multiplied Man with the cobots, the Protected Man with ergoskeletons and the Assisted Man (articulated zero gravity arms).


Gobio Robot’s exoskeletons and ergoskeletons are mobile and light answer to exposure of repetitive stress injury or cumulative trauma disorder. Those stress are due to bad posture and handling heavy load.


Gobio Robot cobots (lightweight interactive robots and zero-gravity arms) assist the operator as a third arm near the operator, they reduce the repetitive character of the tasks bringing more productivity and precision.


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Our exoskeleton solutions




Handling load



Over head works



Bent and wrong posture



Manutention and collaboration




The Ergoskeleton EXO IP13 Laevo version is a wearable chest and back support that adapts to every posture. Everywhere you go, you can lean against the chest pad. Ergoskeleton EXO IP13 Laevo version transfers force from the rest to the thighs. Due to the leverage the force on your chest is 10 times less than what your spine and back muscles have to endure. Every time you experience pressure, your back is saved.

  • Working in a forward bended posture leads to high stresses in the back.
  • By leaning on your own knees, forces are transferred directly to your thighs. 
  • Ergoskeleton EXO IP13 Laevo version does the same. It supports your body weight, while you keep your hands free. The stresses in your back reduce with up to 40%.



The Ergoskeleton EXO IP12 Skelex version is a non powered upperbody exoskeleton developed at TU Delft. This compact and lightweight device assists in doing laborious jobs involving intensive use of arms more efficiently with lower fatigue. 


The Ergoskeleton EXO IP12 Skelex version works on mechanical energy stored in springs that absorb and release energy to compensate gravity. It provides a feeling of weighlessness in arms resulting in substantially less muscle activity and fatigue.



COBO CA10 P-Rob version provides all-in-one robotic solutions leveraging expertise in arm and effector technologies as well as artificial intelligence. The cutting edge software platform myP powers our safe robot arms and sensor-equipped grippers. The combination of software and hardware capabilities enables great flexibility and costumer-specific solutions.


Dependent on its duties, the COBO CA10 P-Rob version can be configured with four to six degrees of freedom. An embedded PC and the power supply are fully integrated in the COBO CA10 P-Rob version basis. This enables a simple plug & play setup without the need of any external power or controller devices. All models have a position repeatability of 0.1mm and a payload of 3kg. The cover of the robot arms consists of a soft shell and a synthetic leather skin. It protects co-workers but also the robot itself from external damage. The look and feel of COBO CA10 P-Rob version is truly unique and contributes to a positive human-robot relationship.

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